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Creative Development

Workshops are a central focus for GymJam.

Our outreach is geared towards a variety of organisations and groups, including but not limited too:

Community Groups, Youth Theatres, Schools, Universities and Colleges,

and Research Bodies and Centres.


Below are examples of our workshop packages.

If you would like something bespoke, for example, a devising workshop for a research task or

module of education, please don't hesitate to get in touch, we would love to help.

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Roses are red, Violets are blue. I'm so

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Creative SWEAT

Gym-Jam’s Creative SWEAT workshops are a workout for your creative muscles. They are one or two day intensives, targeted at any community, including: schools, colleges, universities and youth theatres.

These sessions are a great insight into how we work as a company. They are about checking-in physically, mentally and creatively to shake up your devising and physical theatre practice.

What to expect:

These workshops are rarely the same twice, as we observe what the room needs most. 


The first part of our Creative SWEAT workshops will provide you with guided time to unlock your physicality and explore your personal movement with curiosity. Once warm, our skill-builder session will offer tools for your creative-toolkit. This will include; ensemble awareness, impulse work and release work.


After you have built up a sweat, we will begin working collaboratively and playfully with your fellow artists in the room. We utilise quick fire devising tasks, creative provocations and sandbox style play, to create and develop performance material. This will include; working physically to tell stories, working with objects, sound and light, and working with text.


NB Please note that GymJam have developed a version of our Creative SWEAT workshops that adhere to Social Distancing measures and guidance. The workshops are as Covid secure as we can promise.

"Such a great workshop! Still buzzing from it! I was physically and mentally engaged throughout. The day let me open up my creative thinking and allowed me to work with some great artists **Highly Recomend**

Sophie Kelly

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Power-Up & Play

Gym Jam’s Power-Up and Play workshops are quick-fire sessions designed to retain, recharge and recalibrate your physical theatre making and devising muscles remotely, online from your own home.


We will guide you to work mindfully with your body in the space that you have available through a warm-up, some creative provocations and devising tasks. There is space to observe others move and space to give offers to the group when devising. We encourage curiosity about your own body and devising, and how others devise.

What to expect:

The session(s) will host an inclusive and playful warm-up, guided explorative movement and task-based provocations to build layered movement sequences.

There will be space to test and play with the digital work created, we will also encourage moments of individual exploration so you aren’t ‘glued to the screen’ for the entire session.

We will work to acknowledge and fully embrace online platforms E.g. Zoom - with the aim of sparking creativity using any current restrictions as rules that can liberate industrious practice and thinking.

"Literally couldn't recomend 

GymJam's movement, sweat, devising, amazing, good for the soul, clowny, bloody lovely workshops more, like literally, they are SO ACE"


Hannah Moss

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The Sandbox Sessions are an unlocked space for creative free-thinking. A catalyst for collateral thinking and new ideas.


Practitioners from a mix of backgrounds come together with participants to explore a set theme or idea over a variable time period of 1 day to 7 days.


Put an astronaut, a truck driver, an ensemble of movers, a sound designer, and a fashion designer in a room for a week to work on the theme of ‘Showing Up to Racism’. How can these varying fields use collateral training to expand their thinking and be a catalyst for new work or ideas in their industries?

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