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GymJam are a physical theatre ensemble based in the South East of England.

We create highly physical, visual theatre on current events in film and theatre.

We actively seek unorthodox collaborators, and amplify under-served messages and communities.

We facilitate a wide variety of workshops, sandbox sessions and other educational packages.



GymJam began with unique workshops for students and professionals.

These evolved to become the 'Creative Sweat', 'PowerUp & Play'

and 'Sandbox Sessions' workshops.


Our outreach is adaptable and can be geared towards a variety of organisations and groups.

This includes but is not limited to:

 Community Groups, Youth Theatres, Schools, Universities and Colleges,

Research Bodies and Centres.

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GymJam Artist Connect is a growing online community,

it's like a noticeboard for our community.

It's a place to find creatives that aren’t in your bubble, or job offers, auditions, key news and exciting events.

(We post about our workshops here too, so it is a good way

to stay in the loop)



with us.

If you want easy updates on our projects and workshops,

our social media is the best way to keep informed. 

We publish all our playlists we use for projects and workshops on Spotify.

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