During Lockdown GymJam joined forces with Laura Dredger and Ingrid Mackinnnon from MoveSpace, to form Momentum.
Momentum is a movement - committed to connection, conversation and community.
Our aim is to provide an accessible, open and generous platform for movement artists working across forms to share their collective and embodied knowledge. We hope in tandem to create a space to challenge the presumptions of the creative process and ignite conversations that open up the world of movement and fosters connection.
Our first event DigiMove (21st May) event featured speakers; Its O'Brien, Struan Leslie and Jennifer Jackson. GymJam and Movespace also delivered online workshops for attendees.

Based on the overwhelmingly positive response from our first event, we set about curating DigiMove2. Our second event placed more focus on funding and self-producing in response to the impact Covid-19 is having on the arts landscape. DigiMove2 featured Movement Director, Teacher and Researcher Ayse Tashkiran, Movement Director and creator of The Movement Podcast Natasha Harrison. Our Powering your Projects session was supported and delivered by: Susanna Dye, Sarah Blanc, Alisha Artry and Stephanie Connell.

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